Investment Approach

NGP ETP3 partners with management teams executing thoughtful business plans with compelling products, services, or technologies.

Our focus is providing growth equity to companies with commercial revenue, but we will also consider seed, venture, and public market opportunities.  

Our preference is to invest $20-30 million per opportunity and lead investments in which our capital is used to accelerate a company’s strategic plan. We invest based on long-term fundamental analysis and establish lasting relationships with our portfolio company teams.

We actively collaborate with our portfolio companies and assist with key strategic decisions to create value while empowering entrepreneurs to manage their businesses’ day-to-day operations.

We leverage our extensive industry experience to provide value-added support, including, but not limited to, providing strategic guidance, identifying and retaining senior management, sharing best practices across the portfolio, accelerating acquisition efforts, sourcing additional debt or equity capital, and facilitating an attractive exit, be it sale or an initial public offering