Investment Areas

Investment Areas

NGP ETP3 invests in companies with products, services, or technologies in the areas of renewable energy, power, energy storage, environmental, energy efficiency, and transportation.

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The cost of electricity produced by renewable resources is rapidly decreasing simultaneously with growing global energy demand, particularly in the developing world, and increasing public / private focus on lowering global CO2 emissions. Areas of interest within renewable energy include solar and wind and related products and services (e.g., inverters, monitoring, controls).

The electric grid not only requires massive maintenance capital expenditures for the continued transmission and distribution of power, but also requires significant spending to increase digitization, improve power quality and reliability, enhance resilience, and provide greater cyber security. In addition to these challenges, the growth in distributed energy resources (“DERs”) such as residential solar, combined heat and power, and EV charging is challenging the traditional utility business model. Areas of interest within power include products, services, and technologies that improve deliverability, reliability, security, monitoring, or measurement of power and / or take advantage of opportunities created by the increase in DERs.

Energy storage is essential in powering electronic devices, providing back-up power to critical infrastructure and commercial / residential users, allowing renewable and other installed generation assets to better match electricity load (including solving intermittency issues), and powering the growing global fleet of electric vehicles. Areas of interest within energy storage include products and services that are related to storage and / or take advantage of opportunities created by increased utilization of storage and the resulting impact on the operation of energy markets.

Energy use and environmental impact are intertwined. From the production of energy resources to emissions produced by energy generation and consumption, there are environmental impacts to virtually every aspect of energy. Areas of interest within environmental include products, services, and technologies that avoid or minimize environmental impacts or are involved in beneficial reuse or environmental monitoring, measurement, or remediation.

The most effective way to reduce energy costs and emissions is to use less energy or to use the same amount of energy more efficiently. Areas of interest within energy efficiency include products, services, and technologies that improve energy performance and / or reduce energy consumption.

Energy and transportation markets are significantly intertwined: every form of transportation requires some source of energy and power. The increased adoption of electric vehicles, ride sharing, and autonomous vehicles is disrupting transportation markets in much the same manner that energy markets are being transformed. Areas of interest within transportation include products, services, and technologies related to autonomy, powertrain, transportation software, telemetry, data collection and analysis, or charging.